Just peachy

We have had two peach trees in our back yard for a long time now. They were grow from seed (pits) that we got when our neighbor Harriet gave us a bunch from her tree. It turns out there are two types. One is closer to a traditional peach although smaller, and the other has a more yellow skin, smaller, but sweeter and stronger flavor.

The first few years that they produced, we got loads of them. But then it tailed off and the past few years we got hardly any. Plus we have had that squirrel problem the last couple years (see earlier post on the subject). HOWEVER, this is the year of the fruit! All the rainy, wet weather in June and first half of July gave us in New England an incredible fruit crop, from Strawberries and Raspberries and Blueberries to peaches, pears, and apples. The peach tree is LOADED this year with the biggest peaches we have ever grown. Our pear trees which are not usually of good quality have been far better than usual as well.

Best of all, the squirrels have made a minimal impact to the peaches. They have eaten some, but not much. Perhaps the netting Barb and I put over parts of the tree has helped. Not sure, but I am not complaining. Here are a few pictures:

Peaches 1

Peaches 2

Peaches 3

Peaches 4