Squirrel trouble

We have too many gray squirrels in our area. Tree rats! They strip all our corn, eat the walnuts from the tree while they are still green, and eat the green peaches! This year they also ate my one and only sugar pumpkin just as it was ripening! That last one was the final straw.

So I went out and bought a Havahart trap thinking they are supposed to be very effective. Wrong! I am dealing either with very smart squirrels or very dumb ones. Over the past two weeks they have set off the trap once or twice a day but there is nothing inside. Either they know enough not to go inside so they poke at the bait through the side, or they don’t know enough to go in through the ends. Either way, they trip it and that is that. I did catch one squirrel once, but I also caught two of these:


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