Lost and Found

I was one lucky dude today. Fortuitous. I was out for my weekly long training run on the weekend, which I normally drive to since I go to State parks and such to get to the trails. This time I had the BMW which meant the key was smaller but heavier than the Tahoe one. I had it on the key chain in the pouch on my water bottle waist pack. The key + key chain bounces around some, but I usually check on them every few minutes plus I can usually hear them jingling.

Towards the end of my run, I was at the end of one trail which was near the exit of the reservation and thus near my car. However I still had another 10 minutes to go for my target training time so I turned around and headed back the way I came with the intention of taking the next trail on the right which would have also sent me also back to the exit but the extra distance would have added the time I needed.

So there I am running along when I felt something on the back of my calf. I stopped to look but it turned out to be just a piece of leaf stuck to a spider web which was now clinging to me. As I cleared it off I looked down on the trail and what do I see but my keys right in front of me on the trail! They must have bounced out previously. This was on a steep incline where I would have been going faster than usual and thus more bouncing. Being at the end of my run, I must have lost track of whether I still had my key in the pouch and just kept on going.

So imagine that – stopping at the EXACT spot where I had lost my key! Also if I had not decided to stick to my original training time it would have not worked out either. I just had to say, “Thank you Lord” for that one!!!

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