Antique wood

Barbara’s sister Susan had some scrap wood from their old farm house that we took as kindling for our wood stove. In the pile, I found a piece that was apparently the side of a wood box with Russian lettering on it.

Russian box picture

At work we have several engineers in my group from St. Petersburg, Russia so I asked them for a translation. Here is what they replied with:

Hi Dan,
yes it is a Russian inscription. Better to say old Russian because after the October Revolution 1917 we do not use “ะช” letter in the end of words.
The inscription is:
3 l. b. 1916 year Lovell”
So the box contained cartridges which where very marketable goods that time…
I could not guess what is l.b. abbreviation means. Lovell I suppose is the last name of some person.


And, by the way, it may be Lowell (a city in MA).


What an interesting finding ๐Ÿ™‚ Yep, it’s military ammunition for hand wielded firearms. For rifles, most likely. Maybe revolvers. Pistols weren’t much popular at that time.


We showed the sign to Barb’s father Stan and he said there was a munitions factory in our neighborhood back then off Woburn street along the Concord River (where the former Raytheon site was). There was a major explosion some years later that blew up the factory. He seemed to recall that there were people swimming in the river at the time that were killed by the explosion.

We also figured that the box of cartridges was manufactured there and exported to Russia.

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