Major update


With the holidays upon us so quickly, we have been negligent in providing recent updates. so as a catch-up, here are a few entries rolled into one. I will let the photos do most of the talking 🙂

It starts with the two major snow storms two days apart the weekend before Christmas. As you can see by our snow gauge, we got 20 inches:

Snow Gauge

With the wood stove keeping us toasty warm, it also melted a lot of the snow off the roof resulting in lots of icicles:

Icicle 1Icicle 2

During the week, we made a pumpkin pie. Because it was late, we left the pie out on the stove overnight to cool. Fortunately there was tin foil over it because in the morning we discovered a crater in the pie:

Pie indent

And we think we found the guilty party!


Switching subjects, we bought a dwarf lemon tree and lime tree a couple springs ago. The lime tree has not done anything (no flowers) but the lemon tree gave us one lemon the first year and three this year. We make a hot lemon juice drink with maple syrup in it. Here is the last one this year:


On to Christmas Eve. This past summer Barbara and I celebrated our 25 year anniversary. I got this idea about recognizing the occasion on Christmas Eve with a bottle of top shelf champagne … yes, Dom Perignon! Quite the marketing for this stuff and image of exclusivity! It was real good, but we have had good stuff in the past that came close for 1/3 the price so I don’t think we will be having it on a regular basis. Actually, none of us had ever tried it before. Here are some scans from the booklet that comes with it:

Dom 1

Dom 2

Dom 3

Speaking of Christmas, check out our free Christmas Tree! Convenient too – from our front yard!!! It was given to us about 15 years ago by Barb’s father as a sapling.

Free Tree

One of the gifts Barbara received was a “Squirrel Stopper” bird feeder that is guaranteed to keep squirrels off. We need something like that because we are overrun with these things!

Grey squirrel

The feeder is high off the ground and has that baffle half way up that not only goes outward as you go up, but it also rocks back and forth and is on springs to bounce up and down.

Feeding station

So far so good. The squirrels hang out below it but have not tried to climb up that we have seen. BTW, there was a black squirrel out there the other morning:

Black squirrel

However, about 5 days went by and there were no birds. We were getting concerned. Then we got another snow storm today and all of a sudden the birds found it! Lots of them – red cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, and others.

Found it

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