On our trip back home on Labor Day from having dropped Matt off at UMass Amherst for the start of his second year, I noticed that our Chevy Tahoe was going to turn over to 200,000 miles! I had a camera with us, so I had to get a picture of it which required some coordination to turn off at the appropriate exit (the former Fort Devens) and drive a couple miles on side roads until it was time. Then I pulled over and took the following shots.

When I was growing up, it used to be a big deal if your car lasted to 100,000 miles, let alone 200,000. The latter was reserved for Volvos and perhaps other exotic non-US cars, or it required a lot of repair work to change the engine, transmission, differential, and so on. They just weren’t made to last that long. I remember my neighbor/friend Jimmy Nowak who had an old Chevy something-or-other in High School that when it approached 100K miles, a group of us bought a bottle of champagne and drove around in it until it turned over (on East Road). We stopped the car right there to pop the cork and celebrate the milestone!

Almost turned

Made it!

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