Family picnic

Every year for a long time now (since 1988), we have been gathering once a year the first Sunday in August at Pittsfield State Forest for a (Dabrowski) family reunion and cookout. It is the only time many of us see each other all year. People tend to eat with their own immediate family but mingle before and after. There is also a community table to share food.

My contribution each year is a 3 gallon keg of homebrew made with hops I grow in my garden. We just picked this year’s harvest last Sunday, btw.

Towards the end, we all gather for a group picture. Here is this year’s crowd taken with our new Nikon D300 on a tripod with fill-in flash. Click on the picture for a full (very large 6 Mb) view. From there, you can save a copy for yourself on your local computer.

Pitts picnic group photo small 2008

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