Bike to work is complete

My bike-to-work experiment is complete, and I lived to blog about it! It did seem like there were more “incidents” later on, but nobody ever yelled at me or beeped their horn. Almost everyone went way wide of me in their car and played it safe. The problem is the roads and lack of room for bikes. And the hazards of course.

I ended up with 2050 minutes in 18 sessions. Best of all, they declared that all 85 participants at Sun who put in the required 2000 minutes will be receiving Sun biking shirts! Truthfully, I would have been really bummed if they didn’t do that and I missed out, because it was a lot of effort to get the time in and I am not talking about the biking (physical) part!

Overall, looking back I guess it was worth it but I am not sure I would do it again. At least not for a while.

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