Father’s Day in Adams

Since my last post detailing the problems with biking to work, I have had a string of good luck with the weather and lack of problems. Maybe I am starting to make an impact after all? But then I took a week off starting on Father’s day weekend. Every year for a while now on that day we go back to Adams to visit my father/parents and to run in a 1/2 marathon trail race up Mount Greylock with my brother Will. Here I am coming in after 2.5 hours.


After a cookout at my parent’s home, Barb and I camped out on our land in Windsor for a couple days. Here is a picture of the river which cuts through the land.

This is the same river which runs through the Windsor Jambs scenic area which is part of Windsor State Forest. The last couple years we have worked to clear brush growing in around the old pine (Xmas) trees and in the wooded areas. We are slowly getting it under control. Here is a nice picture of some cows in one of the fields overlooking Mt. Greylock on the way back to Adams.

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