I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon …

The last time there was a lunar eclipse we could view in our area was October 28, 2004 and it holds a special place in Red Sox lore. For that was the night the Boston Red Sox shed 86 years of frustration and won THE WORLD SERIES in four game straight. The heavens were smiling on the Sox that night, and they showed it by turning the moon red.

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In the finale, a game played under a full moon/lunar eclipse on the date of Boston’s Game 7 loss in the excruciating 1986 World Series, Johnny Damon led off with a home run and the Sox were never threatened. Trot Nixon added a pair of runs with a bases-loaded double in the third. Lowe mowed down the Cardinals for seven innings, then let relievers Bronson Arroyo, Alan Embree, and Foulke finish the job.

Anyway, Barb and I used the opportunity to again play with our camera. We tried several manual shots, then attempted a multiple exposure shot. Here are three pictures leading up to the multi-exposure:

Lunar 1

Moon and two stars:
Lunar 2

Lunar 3

For this next photo, the plan was to use the multi-exposure feature of the camera and take four shots on the same frame every 15 minutes for one hour. That was the plan, anyway. In practice, it is amazing how much the moon travels in 15 minutes, as in right out of the viewfinder. The problem was we had it at full zoom which would have never fit all four images because the moon moves too much. We would have had to zoom way out for that, which we should have done. Didn’t think of it at the time. Plus we are still getting used to the camera and it didn’t work exactly the way we thought for automating the intervals and using the multi-exposure setting together. Fortunately we did get two images. Click on the picture below for a larger view.

Lunar 4 small

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