Our first Blog entry

Dan would like to make our inaugural blog posting to be something he wrote
in October of 2004, which would have been in a blog if we had one. Here it
is, written on an airplane trip Thursday, Oct 21, 2004 coming back to Boston
from California:

So, I parked myself in front of the hotel room TV Wednesday night and
fidgeted through one of the most glorious victories I have ever seen. I
couldn’t relax until there were two out in the ninth inning. I have seen too
many bad things happen over the years against the Yankees, especially in
Yankee Stadium. But not this time. It was all the sweeter being right under
their nose, in the house that Ruth built.

Early the next morning (I was still on East coast time) I was walking down
the hall in the hotel to go have breakfast and every room had a USA Today
newspaper in front of it, all prominently displaying pictures on the top
front page of the Sox celebrating. It was the biggest news in the nation,
and it finally sank in that the Red Sox and their fans were on top of the

On the trip out, the pilots kept coming on the airplane intercom to give
us score updates on the Tuesday night game (game 6 vs. the Yankees).
The game was still on when I arrived in San Francisco. When I picked up my
rental car, I was somehow able to find the game on ESPN radio. I was still
in the car for the bottom of the 9th inning, with the Sox leading. I was
nearing the hotel, but instead I pulled over into a strip mall and parked
the car to hear Keith Foulke get the Yankees out, striking out the final
batter to tie the series.

After Wednesday’s game, I went out to eat dinner and ordered a
small bottle of champagne to celebrate the series victory in the greatest
comeback in sports history (some would say the greatest choke in sports
history). I told the waitress that this was a special occasion because I was
celebrating the Boston Red Sox winning the American League championship. She
asked me if I was with the team :-0 (People outside of Red Sox
Nation just don’t get it).

On the plane trip back to Boston, when the stewardess gave her
announcements, she said something like, “Welcome from your Boston based
flight crew, home of the American League champion, and soon to be world
champion Boston Red Sox! The weather in Red Sox nation is …”.

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